Original Preview - Alone With You
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The song I originally chose is called Alone With You by Justin Myles.  It's a slow tempo R&B song that I thought had a cool vibe.  It's very much an acoustic based song so I thought it would give me some room to experiment with more electronic sounds in my remake.

My Mix - Alone With You
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First we were asked to take the dry stems and mix the song as close to the original preview as we could.  I took my mix in a slightly a different direction but still kept the original essence intact.  I was pretty happy with how my mix ended up turning out overall. 

AcGtr and Vocal Stem - Alone With You
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We then were asked to create a stem from which we would build new music on.  The acoustic guitar in this song is definitely the driving force and most notable instrument.  I decided to keep it and the vocal so you could still get the main feel from the original but also hear what I added in my remix.    

Rewire - Alone With You
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This was the first variation of my remix.  For this section we were asked to use rewire to construct part of the song.  I used rewire through Pro Tools and Ableton for three different sounds in this version.  I ended up only keeping one in my final version but it was still a cool technique that I will use in the future.  For this part I also added new drums and pads.   

Sound Design - Alone With You
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This is a small section that was essentially my final for the remix.  We were asked to use sound effects to add a finishing polish to the song.  For my remix I was going for a slow, spacey type feel and I think this assignment helped get me there best.  I just found three different wild sound effects in Logic that I thought went well with what I was trying to do and put them in where necessary.  My goal was to take an acoustic song and make it sound more electronic in a way.  While there is always room for improvement I was pretty happy with how this section turned out.


Rob James

Seattle, WA